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Office 365 Account Management has two systems that can be used for user identities:

  • Work or school account (cloud identity)Users receive Azure Active Directory cloud credentials—separate from other desktop or corporate credentials—for signing into Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services. This is the default identity, and is recommended in order to minimize deployment complexity. Passwords for work or school accounts use the Azure Active Directory password policy.
  • Federated account (federated identity)For all subscriptions in organizations with on-premises Active Directory that use single sign-on (SSO), users can sign into Office 365 services by using their Active Directory credentials. The corporate Active Directory stores and controls the password policy. For information about SSO, see Single sign-on roadmap.

The type of identity affects the user experience and user account management options, as well as hardware and software requirements and other deployment considerations.

Custom domains and identity options

When you create a new user, the user’s sign-in name and email address are assigned to the default domain as set in the Office 365 admin center. To learn more, see Add your users and domain to Office 365 Account Management.

By default, the Office 365 Account Management subscription uses the  domain that was created with the account. You can add one or more custom domains to Office 365 rather than retaining the  domain, and can assign users to sign in with any of the validated domains. Each user’s assigned domain is the email address that will appear on sent and received email messages.

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